Local Money Council
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The Local Money Council is a non-funded,
non-funding committee of Sustainable Resources INW.


The Local Money Council's mission is to identify and facilitate ways local investors (especially unaccredited investors) can put their money to work growing sustainable local businesses and jobs in the Spokane region.

We expect local investors to participate because they support the following:
  • Triple Bottom Line: Investing in businesses which expand single bottom line motivation to include ecological and social performance, maximizes long term sustainability.
  • Slow Money: Local investors who are patient, provide nurture capital, seek both qualitative and quantitative returns, make significant impact on the local economy.
  • Locally Owned & Operated: Investing in locally owned and operated businesses which remain locally based, rather than selling out to a non-locally based owner, maintains local sustainability.
  • Local Self-Reliance: Local investments help build a self-reliant, sustainable future for our community by filling the gaps in our local economy, targeting the development of businesses that represent sectors, products, and services that are missing or under-served.


The Local Money Council meets twice monthly on the
1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons of each month, 4 to 6 p.m.,
in the Saranac Building, 2nd floor rear conference room.
Next meeting May 15.


Local Money Council members in panel at West Central Convergence
May 14, 7-9 pm at Salem Lutheran Church, 1425 W. Broadway
Public event - no charge
INITIATIVES Local Money Gatherings - first gathering a success
Spokane LION - adding members
Private Local Investment Clubs - online kit
Self Directed IRAs - seminars
DPO - seminar


Members are volunteers. Businesses and organizations in the Spokane region are encouraged to send representatives to LMC meetings. Individuals who support the mission are welcome.
   Join ... attend the next meeting. No fees.


Sustainable Resources INW is an educational, non-profit organization promoting sustainable practices because they make our community (and local businesses and economy) stronger. It provides information and education for those in our community who share this local money vision.


The Local Money Council is an in initiative by Sustainable Resources INW. The Local Money Council is NOT an investment fund, group, or club nor is it a registered investment advisor or broker/dealer. The Local Money Council does not seek investments, nor does it make recommendations or provide advice of any kind to anyone regarding investing, securities, or investment opportunities.

 Join the Local Money Council email list:  info@localmoneycouncil.org

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